Tiziana Alemanni fashiondesigner of women's clothes in Florence


Fabric has key importance for the brand Tiziana Alemanni. The selection of the supplier of this raw material happens between the companies dedicated to the production of excellent Made in Italy fabrics.

Style and creative research prefer a classic and contemporary style that, associated with the quality manufacturing and craftsmanship knowledge, it results in an exclusive fashion collection appreciated by an international audience.

In Florence, in the city center next to Palazzo Pitti, in a unique space, there are style office, tailoring and shop. This is to offer the chance to see all the tailoring process: from the choice of the fabric to the creation of the model and from the cut to the making of the dress.

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Fashion artisan

Tiziana Alemanni was born in Sicily in May 1973. Her personal and professional life is intertwined. The culture and history of her land are decisive for the contents that the designer transfers to her collections, with a predominantly Mediterranean design.

Her training in the fashion industry begins and develops in the family business that, from 1970 to 2014, deals with knitwear production and distribution, with an independent brand. In 2000 Tiziana opened her fashion studio in her home town, Capo d’Orlando, in the province of Messina.

The beginning as fashion designer

Tiziana begins to experiment and develop, as a self-taught individual, the combination of different knitted fabrics and still fabrics, using industrial knitting and tailoring machinery.

In 2010 she decided to transfer her business to Florence to personally witness the transformation of the Italian fashion system. This decision was determined by the need to learn about the various craft activities and knowledge and, in this sense, Florence is the most representative city in Italy, recognized worldwide.

Creative fashion constantly evolving

Tiziana is in continuous creative and professional evolution. Her incessant research is aimed at creating a fashion product with both a crafted and industrial view, traditional and contemporary, with contents and values linked to her personal and professional experiences, understandable by a global market.

Her women’s fashion collections include ready-to-wear dresses, cocktail dresses and haute couture, expressions of the most exclusive and luxurious Made in Italy tailoring.