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Fabrics – their selection and quality – constitute the raw material at the basis of the Tiziana Alemanni brand. The fabrics come from a variety of textile producers known for the excellence of the Made in Italy label.

The stylistic and creative research takes on a classic as well as contemporary approach which, coupled with the high-level craftsmanship and experience, results in an exclusive fashion collection appreciated by a discerning international audience. In Florence, a few steps away from Palazzo Pitti, the atelier combines the style office and retail into one space. This arrangement allows for the possibility of participating in all aspects of the production from the choice of fabric to the design of the model, the cutting, sewing and the making of the finished work.

Tiziana Alemanni

Tiziana was born in Sicily (1973) and her homeland has played a major role in her design and production. The rich Sicilian culture and history are inextricably linked with her outlook and collections which are infused with Mediterranean sensibilities and colors. Her exposure to fashion began in the family’s knitwear business, operating from 1970 until 2014 in the production and distribution of its own label.

In 2000, she opened her own fashion atelier in her hometown of Capo d’Orlando in the province of Messina. Self-taught, she began experimenting with different combinations of fabrics and knitwear, using industrial knitting and sewing machines.

In 2010 she moved to Florence to come closer to the heart of the Italian fashion industry, particularly since the city is renowned throughout the world as a center of artisanal craftsmanship and tradition.

Tiziana is in continuous creative and professional evolution. Her constant research translates into works that straddle the artisanal and industrial, the traditional and contemporary, that reflect her own personal and professional values while remaining legible to a global market.